Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Bowl kiss: Risky, disgusting, and very much worth it!

$3.8 million: the cost this year for each 30 second commercial spot during Super Bowl XLVII (source). Is it really worth it? It certainly was for GoDaddy!

Voted the worst of the worst by viewers (source), GoDaddy's "Perfect Match" commercial seemed like agony to sit through. Starring Victoria's Secret model Bar Refaeli and actor Jesse Heiman, the words disgusting and messy immediately came to mind. Of course, this commercial ended up sparking a huge outrage.

However, on Tuesday, GoDaddy revealed that the Monday following the Super Bowl was the biggest sales day in the history of the company (source).
  • Hosting sales jumped 45%.
  • Dot-com domain sales rose 40%.
  • New mobile customers increased by 35%.
  • The company added 10,000 customers in total
Not only did GoDaddy reportedly profit from the Super Bowl ad, but Heiman has also had a burst of success following his make-out session with Refaeli.

So here's more proof that sex does in fact sell. The point of this commercial was to peak your attention. I bet this is one of only a few commercials that you remember fully. So GoDaddy, mission accomplished. Congratulations.

In case you missed this commercial, here it is:

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