Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Windows 8 giving you problems? You're certainly not the only one!

"It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to shut it down..20 turn a damn computer off"!
"I'm ready to throw them all to the ground and stomp on them".
"I just want to the hell do I print"?
"This thing sucks; I'm sending it back".
"I can't do anything"!

DailyTech reports that 80% of businesses will never adopt the Windows 8 operating system. But can you really blame them? Trying to use this operating system to accomplish anything is damn near impossible. From attempting to find an installed program that's not pinned to your start screen or desktop to figuring out how to exit a simple program like Adobe Reader to browsing the web on a non-full screen Internet Explorer, and even shutting the computer down - it's just not worth the struggle! Employees simply can not be productive with their time if they can't use the technology of the 21st century. Microsoft sure made a mistake bringing this operating system to market.

Our clients and staff are not the only ones complaining about Windows 8. Check out this hilarious 23 minute animated rant from freelancer Brian Boyko. He decided to experiment with the new operating system thinking, "What could go wrong" and quickly found the answer to be "Just about everything".

*Over the last week, I have asked some of the firm's clients about their thoughts on the Windows 8 operating system. They responded with the quotes at the beginning of this blog post.

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