Friday, February 15, 2013

We all know "that" business. The one we envy and want to be. Here's how to accomplish just that...

Every now and then we come across that business - the business we envy - the business that's been around forever - the business that never makes a mistake, pushes all the right buttons and never loses its step. We want to be that business. But how do we get that point?

Learn From Your Mistakes
Businesses run into a lot of roadblocks. We constantly hear about the struggles of small businesses, where things went wrong in certain companies, and how to move forward. Sometimes it's hard to recover from mistakes; either our pride or egos take a big hit or we suffer a huge financial blow. Regardless, making mistakes is part of the process of running any business. From those mistakes we better understand what path to take our businesses as we learn that certain paths just plain aren't working out.

Nobody's perfect. Even Mark Zuckerberg makes mistakes. The key is that we don't keep repeating the same mistakes and are willing to admit that something has gone wrong.

Regret is only natural, especially when we sink a lot of time and money into a project that flops. In reality, it's just another lesson learned. This is a tough pill to swallow, but consider your mistakes as an opportunity for your business to ask more questions, set better goals and determine where it needs to go.

Wise Businesses Don't Waste Time
Businesses can't afford to waste time. This may sound like an extremely elementary principle; however, many small businesses sink their time and money into various avenues in order to avoid the reality of business. Being a small business owner isn't temporary. It's a commitment. Moreover, it's a lifestyle.

It's often said that "you get out what you put in". So, what are you putting into your business? What do you expect to get out of it? Many people turn to entrepreneurship because they want to be their own boss or their sick of the 9-to-5 grind. For such people, the reality of today's business world is sobering. It's definitely a challenge; however, the rewards are great for those who manage to stick it out.

Wise Businesses Know the Value of a Dollar
Time is money. Just as businesses today can't afford to waste time, they also can't afford to waste precious capital.

Companies like Apple, Starbucks and Dell all came from next to nothing. Small investments don't seem so small when their applied to big ideas and innovations. Entrepreneurs have proven that you can build an empire from your parent's garage or with next to nothing.

What is your business capable of? How far can you stretch a dollar? Keep such questions in mind before you splash cash on your business.
About the author: Brent Barnhart is a young yet avid writer with a wide range of interests and specialties. Whether it’s music journalism, technical editing, or literary criticism, there is little ground that Brent hasn’t covered through the written word. He writes with the intention of leaving an impression, following the belief that any piece (as “boring” as it potentially could be) has the ability to captur.

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