Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nemo has finally left! But not without leaving a mess to cleanup.

In what seemed like two days of nonstop snow, winter storm Nemo is finally over. The aftermath includes countless downed trees, downed power lines, caved in roads, and snow piles a mile high. And who can forget that the kids are off of school...again.

Many are still without power thanks the NSTAR and National Grid (including our Pembroke office). Slowly, power is being restored to local businesses and homeowners. Yesterday we were called out to many of our clients due to computer problems; the multiple power surges proved to be too much for many servers or computers to handle. If your power gets restored and you are having trouble using any of your technology, give us a call at 781-816-9437, extension 8911. Our office phone lines are currently down, but all calls will be forwarded to employee's cell phones by dialing the emergency tech support extension.

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