Friday, May 5, 2023

Here's something you never want to see: intruder alert, intruder alert. So catch it before it's too late!

Great news coming out of IES today. We are now taking preorders for the IES HoneyPot. Now you can setup a "sting" operation 24/7 on your network, often alerting you - and us - of an issue before it becomes a real problem.

What is a honeypot you ask? "It's a sacrificial computer system that’s intended to attract cyberattacks, like a decoy. It mimics a target for hackers, and uses their intrusion attempts to gain information about cyber criminals and the way they are operating or to distract them from other targets".

Despite the compact size of our honeypot device, it looks like a real computer system to hackers - with applications and data, fooling cyber criminals into thinking it's a legitimate target. For example, a honeypot could mimic a company's customer billing system, a frequent target of attack for criminals who want to find credit card numbers. Once the hackers are in, they can be tracked, and their behavior assessed for clues on how to make the real network more secure.

It is important to note that a honeypot isn't set up to address a specific problem, like a firewall or anti-virus software. Nor is it meant to replace these network necessities. Instead, it's an information tool that can help you understand existing threats to your business and spot the emergence of new threats. With the intelligence obtained from a honeypot, security efforts can be prioritized and focused.

WE ARE GIVING THESE DEVICES AWAY for a limited time to any of our clients that are interested. We just ask that you cover the annual subscription fee of $365...yes, just $1 per day. Contact us today (781-816-9437 or to learn more about our devices and see how they can help add a layer of security to your network. Since the devices are plug and play, we can ship it right to your location. Simply plug it into power & Ethernet so IES can do the rest!