Thursday, December 28, 2017

Providing WiFi to renters...why you should and how to protect yourself.

WiFi has become one of the most popular amenities requested by rental guests – ahead of a dishwasher or cable TV. Plain and simple: if you do not offer free WiFi, you are losing business.

Think about you work when you travel? Most people reading this will answer "yes" or "I try not to, but unfortunately I do". What do you need in order to work? An Internet connection. (And a descent one at that). But it's not just for work – kids love Netflix, grandparents love to Skype, and that cat video of Fido just needs to be posted to YouTube this very second.

Did you know that rental property owners are legally responsible for everything their renters do online? If your renter engages in any illegal activities online, it is the owner who pays the price. IES has the perfect solution to your liability issue while still offering renters a seamless WiFi experience...

Our system features:
•Plug & play out of the box – 5 minute automatic activation
•Custom branded sign in page with your logo, contact information, and legal disclosure (exempting you from wrongdoing); option to add form to collect data such as email addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays for marketing purposes
•Online dashboard to get statistics such as use history, block users, generate passwords, set time limits, set speed limits, and more
•Option to charge for WiFi, or upgraded WiFi option, if desired
•Visit for a full list of features.

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