Thursday, August 2, 2018

"Site Not Secure" warnings - the latest Google problem for many website owners.

Starting last week, Google Chrome browsers begin flagging every website that doesn't have "HTTPS" in their URL as "Site Not Secure". With about 60% of all Internet traffic utilized through Google Chrome, a change like can affect almost every website on the Internet.

This is the latest in the web’s massive shift from non-secure HTTP to the more secure, encrypted HTTPS protocol. All web servers use one of these two protocols to get web pages from the server to your browser. HTTP has problems that make it vulnerable to eavesdropping and content hijacking. HTTPS fixes most of these problems.

Avoiding this alert and enabling HTTPS is easily done by adding a trusted SSL certificate to your site. To help small business owners get up to speed, IES is offering some great pricing on this product along with our years of experience. If you host your site with us, your SSL certificate can be up and running within hours.

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