Friday, October 11, 2013

Windows 8.1 is now available - new features:

By now, we all know how much Windows 8 sucks. It's quite unfortunate that this is the operating system that every computer now comes standard with. However, if you find yourself having to purchase a new computer, you will enjoy the small changes that have been implemented into Windows 8.1.

Below are a few top features of the new Windows 8.1:

Personalized Start Screen
Lock screen slide show: Set up your lock screen to automatically rotate through pictures that you choose from you local or SkyDrive folder.
Start screen background options: New, broad color palette for the Start screen colors and many more backgrounds including animated options.
Multi-monitor support: Different Windows Store apps can now run on all monitors at the same time. The start screen can stay open on one monitor.
Boot to desktop or all apps: Allows the user to select boot direct to desktop or all apps screen rather than the start screen.

Apps for Everyone
Internet Explorer 11: Many IE improvements including faster page load times, slide by slide browsing of your slides, 3D graphics, live website tiles, enhanced pinned site notifications, synchronized settings across all your windows 8.1 devices.
Windows Store: The new store homepage shows more info than before in detailed lists of top free, new releases, and picks for you. Each app listing is more descriptive and informative.
Skype: Skype enables you to easily switch between chat, audio and video call all in the comfort of one place while not missing what you're already doing.
Multiple windows per app: Open multiple windows for the same app side by side.
Slide down to all apps: Slide down from the start screen to see all of your apps in one view then slide up to switch back to the start screen.

Best User Experience and Familiar Desktop
Improved Windows Defender: Windows Defender adds high performance network behavior monitoring that enables it to detect new and constantly morphing variations of malware based on commonly used ad well known behaviors. *See note below.
Automatic app updates from the store: Your installed apps from the Windows Store automatically update.
Start button on taskbar: The start button is located on the taskbar allowing one click access to the start screen.

*Note: IES still highly recommends additional virus protection. From past experience with clients, we have found eSet NOD32 Antivirus to be the best provider.

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