Friday, October 4, 2013

Looking for a job? Interview slots available, just solve this mathematical conundrum first.

Everyone wants to hire clever people. So one Australian startup called Bigcommerce thought it would separate the wheat from the hapless by posting ads that included a mathematical conundrum.

Solving it would allow the wise to access its special "Batphone," where eager people were waiting.

However, as Australia's reports, prospective engineers seem to be having trouble solving the puzzle.

Below the message: "We only hire Software Engineers who can solve complex problems" is a math problem. (See image below).

Soren Harner, vice president of engineering, says it shouldn't be hard. Some of his current employees have already solved it.

It is said that Google interviewers used to ask extremely clever questions of candidates in order to make themselves feel intelligent. The company insisted a few months ago that it had ceased this fine practice

But this would seem to be a legitimate riddle...

Source: CNET

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