Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Are you a Realtor? Here's why you need a personal website AND a website for each individual listing...

It is the 21st century - we all know that a home buyer can now do his initial research seated in front of a computer. The traditional approach of contacting an agent and having the agent arrange for home viewings that may or may not suit the client is no longer the first step. Today, the home buyer can select a range of houses suitable for viewing on the internet and then have a real estate agent arrange the home visits.

This now means that the agent is no longer the client's first contact. For that reason, it is critical that active agents establish an Internet presence. If a customer is clicking through homes and finds one of interest, it is important that the listing agent be "clickable" on the same page. Otherwise, the customer may call his friend, the Realtor down the street and ask him to step in.

As technology advances, along with Google and the ease of information access, a Realtor should have a personal website. No longer is a profile on Realtor.com sufficient. An innovative Realtor should have their site setup so that it provides additional pictures and information about active properties they have listed, as well as big sales and past accomplishments. Contact information in the form of phone numbers and an email template are essential: the key is to make it easy for the customer who has found an interesting property to connect with the listing agent.

Nothing will accomplish this more effectively than an attractive, informative website that personalizes the Realtor and connects him or her to the property in question. The Realtor's personal site should be in-depth, personable, and offer the client as many options as possible.

Lately, we have seen a rise in websites for each individual home listed as well in the form of number plus street name. (Example: 125RandomStreet.com). Often, this is a cheap and effective way to get the listing exposed to more than just passersby. Here, the Realtor can focus 100% of the site's content to featuring the listing with pictures and information, along with splashing their brand and information all over the page.

The idea is to maximize use of Internet technology to bring that potential customer into the Realtor's fold.

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