Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LogMeIn Free has officially died. Here's the best alternative to use for free remote PC access.

LogMeIn Free is gone, but don’t panic: You can find alternative remote access tools that cost the same...nothing at all! Whether you need to access a document, collaborate with a colleague, or support several PCs, try this free software to get back into the game.

For ad hoc use, simply run the program and log in from the controlling computer. The two components will connect, and up will pop a window containing the desktop of the computer to be controlled. TeamViewer installs as both a server and a client, so you can use it to take control or to allow control.
TeamViewer 9’s cooler features include the ability to open multiple remote sessions in tabs (as in a browser), cut and paste between computers via the clipboard, and drag and drop files from your desktop to the remote desktop. It’s a mature, stable, practical tool for anyone’s remote-control needs. Note that you’ll get the occasional message about upgrading to the pay version if you use TeamViewer regularly to connect to a lot of different PCs.

*IES is not affiliated with TeamViewer. Free for residential use only. Details at TeamViewer.com.

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