Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Out to a company dinner? 3D printed pasta may just be the perfect topper on the night!

Imagine you're a business owner and went out to eat with all your employees. Now, picture the look on their faces when you all sat down to a meal of pasta shaped like your company's logo. If a collaboration between Italian pasta maker Barilla and Dutch research organization TNO comes to fruition, restaurants could one day have 3D food printers that make this a reality.

According to Dutch news Web site Trouw, the two have been working on a fast 3D food printer that prints pasta and is targeted at the restaurant market. Diners could bring a USB stick containing their 3D designs, and chefs could plug-and-print on the spot.

Project leader Kjeld van Bommel told the Web site, "Suppose you are married for 25 years, you go out to eat and you want to surprise your wife with pasta in the shape of a rose. If you have a design with you on a USB flash drive, the printer can make it."

He told the Web site that the printer in its current form can produce 15 to 20 pieces of pasta in just two minutes; 10 times as fast as it was capable of two years ago. The team is currently working on increasing that speed to a workable restaurant level.

According to The Guardian, van Bommel, said the project was only in preliminary stages and refused to make any further comment. Given that the first kitchen-ready 3D food printer is due to hit the consumer market later this year, though, we can't imagine others will be terribly far behind. And pasta, made of malleable dough, seems a particularly appropriate material.

Source: Trouw

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