Monday, May 6, 2013

What's my current (or future) website worth?

Valuing a website is never easy, but there are a growing number of web site owners wondering "How much is my website worth?" Well, that all depends on two main factors:
1). Is your website driving traffic
2). What is your ROI (return on investment)?

For many business owners in the 21st century, a website is a necessity. No longer can you simply purchase phone numbers in multiple towns and forward them to your main line. Marketing just isn't that simple with the rise of the Internet. (If someone needs to find a local business, you can just Google Maps a keyword, say web design, and the town, say Pembroke, MA - see results here and pay special attention to business letter B) to get a result. Just think - when was the last time you used that 20 pound Yellow Pages book? (And before you ask, yes, they still make those).

Most of our clients tend to spend more than $1,000 on their websites. And that's a once in a lifetime fee. But even if you spend as little as $300, your ROI can be significant. If one potential customer sees your website, it can be worth it. The key is to be professional and showcase what you want people to see.

Don't be tricked into paying monthly fees for your website. Our websites are designed with your budget in mind, and you own the site files 100% after payment. And it only costs $72/ year to maintain with hosting and a domain name.

If you're looking for a new website or to redesign your current site, give IES a call at 781-816-9437. Or visit us online at

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