Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 to come preloaded with LoJack & recovery service.

There are apps and settings to locate a lost or stolen smartphone, and to remotely wipe the contents, but those will only get you so far if your phone's actually been nabbed.

On Tuesday, LoJack for Laptops maker Absolute Software announced the imminent release of LoJack for Android smartphones, starting with Samsung's Galaxy S4.

In the event that your smartphone disappears, through your own carelessness or malicious intent, LoJack's software offers remote locking and deleting to keep your photos, passwords, and other sensitive information private.

However, what you really pay for is the company's team of cybercrime-cracking "recovery specialists" who will attempt to go out and retrieve your absconded-with phone.

LoJack will be embedded in the Galaxy S4's firmware layer, where it remains dormant until you awaken it with a monthly subscription that becomes your theft insurance - pricing starts at $29.99 per year for subscriptions that range from one to four years. Even if robbers wipe your phone to the factory settings, LoJack is still active, and unremovable.

LoJack for Android phones becomes available early this summer.

Source: CNET

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