Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to get rich. Finally, we have the answer!

Ah, the age old question. How does one become rich?

Well…..I hate to break it to you, but if you are reading this because you specifically googled “How to get rich”, I would be happy to sell you some self-help books. Many of the people selling books that tell you “how to get rich” got rich by selling books that tell people “how to get rich”.

First off, I am not rich. That Nigerian Prince never fulfilled his end of the bargain and my “Jump to Conclusions Mat” never took off. (Credit to the movie Office Space).

In all seriousness, some people who go into business for themselves often start with this question. However, I do not believe that many of these folks last long. If becoming rich is your only motivation for starting a business, you are going to be pretty disappointed. Most successful entrepreneurs started their companies for freedom and because they believed in their product or service and wanted to radically change the marketplace. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich and it can happen if you work your butt off and play your cards right but it is not going to happen overnight. Getting rich takes hard work, risk, dedication, perseverance, intelligence, tact, and sacrifice.

Everyone wants to be rich. Have you met someone who wants to be poor? There is no reason that you cannot become rich. In fact, it is up to you. The road is paved but you must figure out how to get to your destination, no maps, no GPS; you don’t even have headlights on the car. And to make matters worse, you will have people trying to carjack you on your way because they want to be rich too.

If you have an idea and want to make it a reality, contact IES. We will help you through it the right way. We can't guarantee you'll be rich, but if you really put your mind to building your business, the possibilities are endless.

IES, Inc.

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