Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3 reasons why your business needs a strong blog.

Many businesses publish blogs, but not every company understands why they do it or the real value they can receive from a successful program. There are plenty of reasons why regular blogging is worth your time, but the biggest ones will depend on your goals, your audience, and your existing web presence.

Here's the short answer to the popular question: "Why should my business blog?
  • Companies that blog receive 55% more web traffic.
  • B2B companies that blog attract 67% more leads per month.
  • 57% of companies that blog gain a customer through their blog.
These are all compelling statistics, but they don’t all necessarily align with your priority metrics. Here are some broad ways to think about blogging goals:

1. For improved organic search rankings.
By creating and optimizing relevant blog posts, you can help more customers find you. Remember that blogging, unlike ads and direct mail, is a long-term investment. Over time, optimized posts grow your blog archive to represent all your most profitable terms. Even just a handful of posts that are imbedded with the right terms, tags, titles, and Meta descriptions could help you jump from the fifteenth page of Google to the first page of Google.

2. For help turning traffic into leads.
Maybe you’ve already cornered the market for your preferred terms, attracting boatloads of traffic but not so many actual conversions. Blogs can help you funnel existing traffic toward calls to action. After a few paragraphs of inspiring content, blog readers will be hungry for more information, like a guide or a tip sheet. This makes your blog the perfect place to position call to actions and ramp up your visitor-to-lead ratio.

3. For opportunities to teach, communicate, and foster relationships. Sometimes lead volume isn’t a concern for B2B companies. Many of our clients need help attracting higher quality leads or speaking to prospects who are farther along in the buy cycle. Your blog is a great place to differentiate your company and speak to these folks - either directly with posts that address your knowledge and experience or indirectly with posts that illustrate your sense of humor, your understanding of industry trends, or your opinion on recent news, etc.
Welcome to the 21st century...
...where the majority of your customers are going to be obtained through an online avenue. We understand that running a business is extremely time consuming! Give us a call - we can help you not only with your blog content, but all of your social media.

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