Monday, April 1, 2013

Is it Google or is it Bing? Happy April Fool's!

Yesterday, Microsoft's Bing search engine poked a little fun at Google.

Yesterday, Bing users found if they typed "Google" in the search field, a Bing page pops up spoofing Google's pure white and stark home page (screenshot below). Hovering over the small boxes that populate the Bing page displays tips that take a few more swipes at Google.

One tip asks if you're having trouble seeing this picture of an arctic fox eating marshmallows in a snowstorm. A second one says that when there's nothing else to look at, you may take drastic measures. Clicking on that tip brings up a Bing video results page of watching paint dry. And a third tip says that if blank space is your thing, you could go low tech. That tip displays a Bing images results page of plain white paper.

Even the familiar "I'm feeling lucky" button has been replaced by an "I'm feeling confused" button that takes you to a Bing blog touting the benefits of Microsoft's search engine.
Source: CNET

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