Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Business bartering: is it really worth it? YES!

Many people have asked me if barter is really worth it lately. For the record, and I can not stress this enough...YES, it is! Belonging to IMS, a professional barter network, saved our company over $25,000 in 2012 between travel, dining, and supplies used to run our business.

You may be asking youself $25,000? Really? Let me explain how this is possible...

Every member of IMS receives their own trade broker whose sole job is to promote and broker trade opportunities for them within the network. This provides a completely unique opportunity to sell your product and services to companies you didn’t even know about (or ones that didn't even know about you).

Now you may be asking, "Isn't barter just a lost cash sale"?
No! Absolutely not! We think of it like this: someone who is looking to barter is trying to spend as little money aspossible (if at any at all). It doesn't matter if your company is on the opposite side of the country; a business owner is much more likely to spend their barter dollars with you then they are to spend real money with a local company.

The benefits of IMS are clear to our firm. When travelling to NYC, we expect nothing less than a four to five star hotel or a luxury apartment on 5th Ave. Dinners while entertaining clients of $300, $400, and even $500 have been enjoyed without even blinking an eye. $250 spa giftcards for our  employees (and their mothers) have been handed out nonstop. The list goes just goes on...barter truly is king.

Here's some information on IMS if you're interested in learning more...
"The international IMS Barter network has 16,000 member businesses, allowing your company to conduct business-to-business trading for goods and services outside of your normal markets. This gives you the opportunity to purchase goods and services for your business using trade dollars, instead of cash. Which means your business can save cash on normal business expenses like printing, repairs and improvements, professional services, travel, office equipment, corporate gifts, company meetings, and much more, by spending your earned trade dollars instead."

Visit IMSbarter.com for more details. Should you choose to signup, tell your broker that International Enterprise Services referred you to the network. (This will wave all application & setup costs).

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