Thursday, January 31, 2013

Samsung fined $900 after fatal gas leak.

The gas leak reportedly occurred sometime on Sunday at a Samsung facility south of Seoul, Korea. Several hours later, Samsung contacted a maintenance company to clean up the leak. Five crew members arrived on the scene and started to clean up the spill. However, one of the individuals, who was reportedly not wearing a full hazmat suit, died due to exposure. Four other individuals who were wearing their full protective gear were sent to a hospital, but fully recovered, according to reports.

Investigators have determined that Samsung took too long to alert law enforcement to the spill, and the company has been assessed a fine of up to 1 million Korean won (about $900) - Yonhap News, citing sources within the police office assessing the fine.

Samsung has remained tight-lipped on the leak, but reportedly told Yonhap in a statement on Monday that it believed the leak was "minimal."

Source: CNET

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