Thursday, January 31, 2013

Casual Fridays go formal...

A Foosball table, M&Ms, Fruit Loops, he bottle of whiskey on top of the fridge....these are the things you see at a Silicon Vally start up, along with staff casually dressed in sweatpants, hoodies, jeans, flip flops, or even pajamas.

Many American companies have come around to practicing Casual Friday, encouraging employees to dress down after four days of business wear. Silicon Valley was a pioneer of just that, with one exception: many opted for casual dress every day. Now, however, you will no longer see casual on Fridays!

Welcome Dress Up Friday, where normally comfortable employees dress in suits and ties, silk dresses, and pumps. Just the opposite of what you would expect any company to do. But hey, "Sometimes you just want to bring the heat for no particular reason at all, and Corporate Friday is your opportunity to suit up."

Read the full Wall Street Journal article here:

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