Thursday, September 8, 2016

Case study: free wifi for apartment building tenants.

The Fenmore is a 205 unit apartment complex located just steps from the home of the Boston Red Sox: Fenway Park. Built around 1912, The Fenmore originally boasted such amenities as an office staff who would receive packages or call one a carriage for a trip to the shops in Copley Square, maids who would change the linen, and a housekeeping service which would tidy up by using the latest in centralized vacuum systems.

But a century later, the residents were looking for a much more modern amenity: wireless Internet.

When initially exploring the idea of installing a system, they were presented with a number of challenges. The biggest issue was the construction itself. Typical for the time period, the seven buildings that make up the Fenmore were built with brick and mortar, horsehair plaster and wire lathe, making the required cabling extremely difficult. 

That’s where IES came in....using newly developed technology, IES was able to create a building wide network for all the residents to use. It’s easy to manage, easy to deploy, and it’s incredibly cost effective. The board of directors understood the value immediately.

Over a period of two weeks, 83 strategically placed access points were installed with 6,000 feet of cat5 wiring running through seven 24 port switches. After the initial installation, the system was then setup in the cloud for management and troubleshooting purposes. Additionally, the cloud made it easy set bandwidth limits, monitor traffic, control access with a community wide password, create a custom splash page, and much more.

The project was a huge success from day one. Everyone at the Fenmore has since cancelled their own Internet service and are now enjoying free wireless throughout the property. Best of all, the residents as a whole are saving over $6,000 a month by not having an Internet bill.

When issues do arise, IES is able to provide Fenmore residents with remote support and network maintenance. The network is easy to maintain and when downed nodes do need to be replaced, it’s fast and the cost is very low.

If you are interested in creating a powerful, custom branded network, give IES a call at 781-816-9437 or email This technology is not only perfect for apartment buildings or condo associations, but why not add your brand to your vacation home, business, store front, restaurant, or hotel? The marketing abilities using this technologies are endless.

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