Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why every business should use a battery backup on their computers.

Lightning season is upon us. Can you and your customers afford the risks of not having a battery backup?

June, July and August produce the highest number of lightning incidents each year in the US, ranging from Florida and Texas to Pennsylvania and Illinois. Lightning can strike without warning; it’s that type of unpredictability which increases the severe risk to business networks.

Damage can range from costly downtime to major data loss and extensive electrical damage. Here are some key rebuttals to common misconceptions about power protection...

We’ve been operating for years with no apparent damage from lightning.
It’s estimated that 95% of electronic system failures are due to repeated degradation of equipment, often referred to as “electronic rust”. It is imperative to replace old equipment before it fails!

I already have surge suppressors for our electronics.
Surge suppressors should be part of a total system approach, but are not effective enough on their own. Protect computer systems and network equipment with UPS hardware. Look for UPS with extended runtime to account for the potential of a power outage following a lightning incident.

How do I know which battery backup to get?
There is no "one size fits all" for battery backups. Businesses need to take many factors into consideration, including: current and future load profile trends; up time requirements; pure power needs.

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