Thursday, September 24, 2015

The new tech fad: smart homes. Surprisingly helpful, surprisingly affordable.

When you're not home, nagging little doubts can start to crowd your mind. Did I turn the coffee maker off? Did I lock the door? Are the kids doing their homework or watching television?

With a smart home, you could quiet all of these worries with a quick glance at your smartphone or tablet. You could connect the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you - from anywhere you may be (as long as you have Internet access).

Any device in your home that uses electricity can be put on your home network and at your command. Whether you give that command by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone, the home reacts. Most applications relate to lighting, home security, home theater and entertainment, and thermostat regulation.

The idea of a smart home might make you think of George Jetson and his futuristic abode or maybe Bill Gates, who spent more than $100 million building his smart home (source: CNN Money). Once a draw for the tech savvy or the wealthy, smart homes and home automation are becoming more common.

IES now offers smart home installation services. From in your house to around the world, you can control any of the following devices and more:
  • security cameras
  • locks
  • sensors / alarms
  • doorbells
  • garage doors
  • shades / curtains
  • lights
  • fans
  • outlets
  • thermostats
  • appliances
For as little as $250, you can get your smart home up and running. Costs include equipment & installation. There are no monthly fees to pay or equipment to lease - you own all your equipment.

Interested? Call 781-816-9437 and ask for more details on smart homes. We'd be glad to answer any of your questions or setup a free estimate.

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