Monday, October 27, 2014

Host a website with IES? Your account has been upgraded for free!

Dear Customer,

Most of you will not notice the changes that took effect early this Monday morning. But IES has been hard at work upgrading our privately owned servers. We now provide each account with software called CloudFare, which make your website load 30% faster, use 60% less bandwidth, have 65% fewer requests, and is far more secure.

Please take note of your new name servers below:

As we have upgraded our servers, we have also upgraded our hosting plans. We now offer four plans. Our website will reflect these changes next month. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about our new plans and their features.
  • IES Managed with FTP Access - $60 / year ($5 / month)
  • Starter with cPanel & FTP Access - $120 / year ($10 / month)
  • Premium with cPanel & FTP Access - $180 / year ($15 / month)
  • Unlimited with cPanel & FTP Access - $240 / year ($20 / month)
IMPORTANT NOTE: We urge each customer to update their name servers as soon as possible, as the old name servers are being turned off on November 1, 2014. If you need help setting this up, please give our office a call or reply to this email. If your domain is managed by IES, we have automatically migrated your site to the new server and you do not have to do anything!

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