Friday, November 8, 2013

What stupid relationship app will someone come up with next? Apparently this one: hug, kiss, and keep tabs on your significant other.

Avocado is a new app that has recently hit the iTunes store, Google Play store, and the web. It offers private chat setting that allows users send pictures, texts and videos in one secure place. It also allows users to share lists and calendars in one place and gives them the ability to pinpoint their location through the GPS feature on their phone. (Because there's nothing better than an overly obsessive girlfriend tracking your every move).

What makes Avocado different from other couples apps, aside from its artistic layout, are a few features that focus on promoting that "surreptitious co-presence" feeling, namely the ability to "hug" and "kiss" your significant other from afar. The app asks you to hold the phone to your lips or your heart, and vibrates in reaction, letting the other person know you've made contact. (Because nothing looks stranger than someone kissing their phone in public).

The app also allows users to "sketch" and put stickers on pictures and personalize emoticons with pictures of yourself in different moods.

And for those who don't get the reference in the app's name, the avocado fruit only grows in pairs.

Although I am extremely nauseated after learning all the invasive features of this app, I must admit it is a great idea! There certainly is a market for it. Congratulations to the Avocado app creators - you just made a bunch of people insecure in their relationships feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Avocado is available free at, the iTunes store, and Google Play.

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