Monday, June 24, 2013

New glove phone takes the saying "talk to the hand" to a whole new level.

For Sean Miles of Designworks in the U.K. decided that the true joy of wearable tech was a driving glove that you can talk into.

He listens to his thumb. He talks into his little finger.

I can just imagine millions of nerds and teenagers desperate to meld their inner Michael Jackson. They would surely pay fortunes to get their hands onto and into one of these gloves.

Sadly, this is not a commercial project. The Brits have often found commerce a touch beneath them.

Instead, Miles was approached by phone company 02 Recycling to create experiments.

His last was the highly hygienic shoe-phone.

Here, he said his biggest obstacle was making the technology work with the fabric of the glove.

He used a Bluetooth device, and the principles are as simple as the glove itself: the earpiece is in the thumb, the speaker is in the little finger.

Miles was simply trying to take an everyday object and convert it to technological use, rather than force even those who don't wear glasses to resemble people from a blissful future.

Soon, perhaps every item that we currently believe is merely clothing will suddenly have a simultaneous technological use.

Source: CNET

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