Friday, March 1, 2013

The Myth of SEO and Why CONTENT is KING.

SEO is just an acronym used by IT professionals to make clients believe they are doing magic or brain surgery in order to hit them with a massive invoice. Search Engine Optimization sounds so complex and astounding, as if the IT guy you probably have can even spell it out. The plain old truth is that SEO can be done by anyone. It should by no means cost you much money. Regardless, it won't do much for you alone. What is the key to moving up in those search results? Key="Hits", plain and simple. Your site is not going to get hits if you have no content. Have as many pages as you can squeeze into your budget. Blog or at least do something. Post pictures of your dogs or 47 cats. (If you do have 47 cats, please do not call us, at least not to your house as walking onto the set of an episode of "Hoarders" is not something we want to do). You can have every keyword possible but if your content is not interesting, it will not be disseminated (i.e.…go viral) and thus you will never get enough hits. The best bet is to combine sound SEO with great content. Do the best you can and be creative, don't be boring.

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